About Us

Duffy’s Furniture Court & Beds R Us are a truly local business to the Tableland region, and here you can learn a little bit about us. We have over 40 years of reputable trading under our belts, and our business is and always has been a locally owned operation. We strive to keep the region in tune with industry trends and competitive pricing.

Operated under the trained direction of local husband and wife team Brian and Cliona, our business offers clientele good quality products combined with the friendly approach to service that we all know and love about Atherton.

The business is fully backed by Furniture Court & Beds R Us. These nationwide buying networks ensure our range is always modern and up to date, and that our quality is of the highest levels, and our prices are as competitive as everywhere else in Australia.

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We are more than happy to service externally out of the local area as well, and this is no doubt a contributing factor with our sales successes.

There are many coastal people that prefer to drive up to Atherton and enjoy some good old fashioned service and, of course, our range which is bigger and better than most of the outlets in Cairns.

So whether you are a local Tablelander or from anywhere else in our fine North Queensland region we invite you to drop into our store, say G’day and have a look at what we have to offer.

From contemporary furniture to modern and unique pieces we have it all and its right here on the restful Atherton Tablelands.